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MMIG46 Fly-In to the delightful Baltic Coast

4th MMIG46 Safety Seminar with John Mariani

supported by RAS with their TBM850

in Fischland – Darß

from 11th - 13th May 2012




Warm welcome by RAS at the Stralsund-Barth EDBH airfield

with champagne reception and musical accompaniment



Numerous enthusiasts, not just with their PA46



In the airport reception hall one might have an idea where one

was going to be spoilt over the coming days -

In the excellent Strandhotel Fischland!




Many participants of course made their way directly to the impressive beach

on arrival at the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful scenery




But there wasn't much time because the evening meal in the gourmet restaurant “Ostseelounge” around the theme Asparagus had been set for 7 pm

– enhanced, of course, with suitable live music.




And what a sunset!



A separate program awaited those who were not taking part in the safety training.

A short bike ride was to take them through a beautiful landscape to the

Saaler Bodden, to board one of the traditional sailing boats there.




We are grateful to Mr Prochaska (pictured) from RAS in Mönchengladbach for recommending Barth airport and the Strandhotel Fischland in Dierhagen!


Stormy weather meant we had to be flexible – we took a different type of boat.




Then we set off to see the local fishermen in the harbour,



trying out the typical Darß fish specialities and regional drinks.




There was a price to be paid for cycling back -

bike and rider were blown off the dyke!

The afternoon from 4 pm for those not at the safety training was at everybody's own discretion.





The beach barbecue at Dierhagen unfortunately also had to be cancelled due to the weather. Luckily there was the cosy wood cabin on the beach instead. Here we were again comprehensively spoiled with culinary delights and the last evening could be enjoyed to the full.





Once again it was time to take our leave from our stay at Fischland. Some after a successful Safety Seminar with John Mariani, others after a thoroughly indulgent program.

We'd like to come back soon!

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