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Fly-In Sicily 2015

Fascinating Sicily – an island steeped in history


from Thursday 4th (Corpus Christi) – Tuesday, 9th  June 2015



LI14 – a tempting destination, but our Hotel Eremo della Giubiliana's private airfield with its 680m runway and its particular meteorological and topographical conditions isn't ideal for the PA46.



Such was our destination airport Comiso, LICB.



As usual, a number of our members arrived a day early since there was the whole of Sicily or even the surrounding islands to discover.


The official arrival day, 4th June, 2015 dawned.

After being shuttled to our respective hotels it was time to visit the hortus conclusus from the Hotel  Eremo della Giubiliana.




In this beautiful walled garden owned by the Mancini-Nifosi family our Welcome Buffet awaited us with its regional temptations.






One by one everybody arrived and was pleased to see each other again. Thanks to the hot weather the fresh draught beer was particularly welcome. In the shade of the trees the mood was convivial and the day could well have ended there...



...if it hadn't been for our dinner at 8pm in the courtyard of the former monastery. Wonderful food in a wonderful atmosphere!



The following day - 5th June – we were due to visit the Castello di Donnafugta („the fleeing woman“) and surrounding park.          



(This aerial photograph was taken with the help of a drone belonging to one of our members)


The estate was built in the second half of the 19th Century on behalf of Arezzo Barone di Donnafugata.






The square palace is crowned with battlements and has a Venetian facade with a gothic loggia.

Some of the scenes from the film “The Leopard” were made on this estate.



In the  approximately 8 hectars of parkland, besides numerous pavilions and artificial grottos, there is a maze, whose layout is almost an exact copy of the one at Hampton Court.

But the huge trees alone are amazing!



The fish restaurant il Sakalleo in Scoglitti came up trumps at lunchtime with its countless delicious dishes!






This required a snapshot in the kitchen.




And as usual there was plenty to laugh about!



Back at the hotel we enjoyed the peace and quiet and prepared ourselves mentally for the barbecue on the airfield.





The runway, of course, was lit up for the occasion.



The Head Chef himself professionally preparing our barbecue.



Once again our member's drone proved useful!


On Saturday, 6th June straight after breakfast we set off for Syrakus. This town on the southeast coast of Sicily was the largest and most powerful town in ancient Sicily as well as being its cultural centre.


We were heading for the Old Town on the island Ortygia, which was crumbling by the end of World War II, but was saved thanks to a program of comprehensive conservation and preservation work.



The Dom Santa Maria delle Colonne (St Mary of the Columns) was contructed in the 7th Century by converting the Temple of Athena (5th C. BC).

In the mid 18th Century the Cathedral was enlarged and given a facade in Sicilian Barock style.



After lunch at the Restaurant Don Camillo we returned to the hotel.



In the evening we drove to the Marina di Ragusa, to have an enjoyable dinner in the Restaurant Da Carmelo next to the beach.



On Sunday, 7th June we set off for Ragusa Sopra, from where we walked to Ragusa Ibla.



We had lunch in the former stables, now the Il Barocco.





Back at the hotel we enjoyed the peace and were inspired by the beautiful motifs.



We had our Gala-Dinner this time in Ragusa Ibla at the Restaurant Locanda Don Serafino,

which has 2 Michelin stars.



And now there was just one last day to go on Sicily.


For 8th June there was a little more movement on the program as we set off for the unique Pantalica gorge (UNESCO World Heritage Site).



The lonliness, the unique panoramas and the diverse flora make Pantalica one of Sicily's most attractive natural treasures.

The necropolis at Pantalica is made up of hundreds of cliff graves. These were created by the original inhabitants of Sicily and date back to 1300 BC.

One has to do something against the sun...

... on the way to the “Jungle Camp”.


There are even trouts in this crystal clear water.



But we had to move on to our picnic, organised and presented by our Hotel Eremo della Giubiliana.



Luckily we were already on the bus when a heavy thunderstorm swept over the region.



The day was crowned by an excellent dinner in our Hotel Eremo della Giubiliana.


9th June, 2015 The day of departure.




What an outlook...



... but the return flight proved to be satisfactory.



A week powered by MMIG46 had come to an end, but the best memories are treasured in our hearts.


And now we're looking forward to our next meeting!




© MMIG46 e.V.