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News from Friday, 1/19/2007

 MMOPA Seminar in Rome, Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th July, 2007

Dear Members,

The MMOPA in America is organising a seminar in Rome for their members and they have kindly invited us to join them there. Normally, membership of the MMOPA is required for MMOPA seminars, but they have very kindly waived this requirement and invited MMIG46 members to attend too.

This will be a great opportunity to meet a large number of PA46 pilots from the US and establish a working relationship with our "American cousins".

The seminar will include talks by Kevin Meed on Maintenance Issues of the PA46 and by John Mariani on Safety Issues & Systems Review.

Kevin Meed is the American "Malibu Pope" and, with the largest number of Malibus being maintained by his company, has the greatest PA46 experience.

John Mariani is an engineer in airplane construction. During the early 1980s he worked on the development of the Malibu in the Piper Team under Jim Griswood. Later he moved on to training and ferry flights. The American MMOPA has appointed him to be officially responsible for safety training under the MMSF, the Malibu Mirage Safety Foundation.

These seminars are heavily subsidised and so cost just US$ 349 for each participant. The seminar in Rome will be the first MMSF/MMOPA seminar outside the USA.

If you are interested in joining us in Rome, please contact me by e-mail so that further arrangements can be made.

Best wishes and happy landings

Wilhelm Schröer

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