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News from Friday, 2/4/2005

 Are the officials at the Aviation Office in Düsseldorf going completely mad?
by Wilhelm Schröer

Unfortunately not a joke !

Unbelievable action among officials at the Regional Government in North Rhine Westphalia: Reliability Checks according to the Aviation Safety Law.

Hardly has the Aviation Safety Law been signed by the Federal President than the Regional Government in Düsseldorf starts making unimaginable demands.

Aviation trainees for PPL/A and gliders, applicants for CVFR and those extending licences will have to undergo Reliability Checks with effect from 28.01.2005. See the application for the check here: Antrag auf Sicherheitsüberprüfung (German Language).

The fees payable should range from between EUR 15 and EUR 25 but then total fees of some EUR 115,00 have been suggested. Nobody was available for comment at the Regional Government in Düsseldorf or at the State Ministry of the Interior. Carnival is reaching its climax. Perhaps the beer has been flowing a little too freely in Düsseldorf!

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