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News from Wednesday, 2/28/2007

Safety Seminar in Rome, Thursday, 26th July – Saturday, 28th July 2007
Official MMOPA and MMS & TF Invitation

Dear Members,

As you already know, the American MMS & TF Malibu/Mirage Safety & Training Foundation and the MMOPA have kindly invited their European friends in the MMIG46 to a Seminar in Rome.

The Seminar will take place from Thursday, 26th July to Saturday, 28th July 2007.

The cost of the Seminar will be $349 per person.

The MMS & TF would like you to send in you registrations now! These should arrive no later than 1st March 2007.

Click on the link to open the registration form. Please fax or e-mail the completed form to the address provided and let me know too so that we can make any necessary arrangements.

Please note that the cost does NOT include the hotel. As soon as registration closes, the MMS & TF will reserve hotel rooms. We will probably be staying in the same hotel as our American friends.

Most of the Americans will be arriving on Sunday, 22nd July (either in their own Malibus or on scheduled flights). So far more than 25 American registrations have been sent in and many more are still expected.

Various sightseeing tours are being organized – please see the registration form!

The MMOPA is the American Interest Group of Malibu pilots. Their invitation to us is not only an opportunity to learn more about safety and maintenance; it is also an excellent chance to meet new people and make new friends, between the clubs and individual members. It would be nice if as many of you as possible could come.

John Mariani is officially responsible for safety training for the MMOPA and is one of the speakers in Rome. He has written to tell me how much he is looking forward to seeing us there.

The Seminar itself will be held in the Italian Air Force Museum in Vigna die Valle, near Bracciano. This is a world class museum and is within an Italian Airforce base. While attending the Seminar we will have an excellent opportunity to visit this unique museum.

Our hosts are looking forward to a successful event, not only for their own members but also for their friends whether from America or Europe. The aim of the MMS & TF is enhanced SAFETY for all aviatiors!

As ever – safe flying and happy landings!

On behalf of the Committee

Wilhelm Schröer

© MMIG46 e.V.