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News from Monday, 2/7/2005

The Regional Government in Düsseldorf brings a smile to the aviation world!
by Wilhelm Schröer

Reliability Checks under the Aviation Safety Law cancelled

Following the intervention of the AOPA at the supervisory authority, the Transport Ministry NRW in Düsseldorf, we now hear that the Ministry has instructed the Regional Government to immediately stop their safety checks.

This also applies to Münster, where preparations for the checks had been made, but not yet started.

There was no legal foundation for the checks, as the AOPA Germany had pointed out in their last publication.

Now things have return to normal. But it is sad to see what the officials at the Regional Government in Düsseldorf came up with during the Carnival season.

It seems that they are not able to keep within existing laws.

It took an aviation organisation like the AOPA Germany to explain the law to them.

Well done, AOPA Germany!

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